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New Frequency Launches The Trap‑Alert™ System Version 4.0 at NWCOA Annual Convention

New Orleans, LA, January 13, 2011

New Frequency Inc. launches the Trap‑Alert™ system Version 4.0 at NWCOA's Annual Convention and receives rave reviews. Early Adopter, Charles Parker, of Parker Wildlife says "this product revolutionizes the wildlife control industry, by making trapping more efficient, profitable, and customer friendly". The Trap‑Alert™ system is a combination of hardware, software, GPS and wireless technologies that enables animal trappers to actively monitor the status and location of animal traps through a web-based application. The Trap‑Alert™ system, which includes the Trap‑Alert™ system web application, significantly increases the efficiency of managing a large number of traps. The need for field personnel to visit sites solely for the purpose of daily trap inspection is eliminated, saving both time and fuel costs as well as increasing customer satisfaction. Other conference attendees were impressed by the device's flexibility, usability and low cost compared to the overall savings the system generates, resulting in a phenomenal return on investment.

About New Frequency

New Frequency Inc. specializes in the development and commercialization of innovative, cost effective data-enabled wireless technologies or Telemetry to address real business needs. Telemetry is the automatic measurement and transmission of data by wire, radio, or other means from remote sources to receiving stations for real-time recording, analysis and action. Wireless-enabled real-time Telemetry is redefining the way businesses are managed and operated. Advances in these technologies now even permit smaller companies to capture critical, real-time actionable data to more effectively manage their businesses and control costs. The bottom-line impact of these technologies on a company's financial performance and operational efficiencies is significant and can be a game changer in a highly competitive market environment. New Frequency and our diverse portfolio of wireless-enabled telemetry products is the culmination of more than 5 years of successful development, partnerships and commercialization of this technology in the Energy and Utilities sector - namely by enabling a Smarter Grid with real-time data-enabled wireless technologies to monitor and manage consumers' energy usage. No physical device alone enables you to capture and smartly manage critical data. New Frequency makes smart data management a reality by combining the physical device with our offerings of web-based software platforms or portals that can be tailored and configured to your unique business needs.

Contact:Todd Moran, Managing Partner

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