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New Frequency and Safeguard® Products Enter into Marketing Agreement to Deliver Trap‑Alert™ Solution to the Wildlife Industry

Cumming, GA, September 6, 2011

New Frequency, Inc., a developer and operator of electronics and web-based telemetry data monitoring and management solutions and Safeguard Products, Inc., a leading manufacturer of non-lethal wildlife control traps, today announced that they have entered into a marketing agreement to deliver New Frequency's Trap‑Alert™ remote trapping device and solution to the wildlife management industry.

The Trap‑Alert™ system is a combination of hardware, software, GPS and wireless technologies that enables wildlife control professionals to actively monitor the status and location of multiple animal traps through a web-based application. The Trap‑Alert™ system, which includes the Trap‑Alert™ web application, significantly increases the efficiency of managing a large number of traps. The need for field personnel to visit sites solely for the purpose of daily trap inspection is eliminated, saving both time and fuel costs as well as increasing customer satisfaction. Coupled with the best online routing and dispatch software in the industry, the complete Trap‑Alert™ system provides a phenomenal return on investment and keeps wildlife control professionals in touch and informed about their customers at all times.

Under the marketing arrangement, Safeguard Products and New Frequency will combine their respective resources and expertise to support sales and market penetration of the Trap‑Alert™ remote trapping solution through the use of Trap‑Alert™ capable Safeguard traps and easy to adapt retrofit kits. This will enable quicker, seamless implementation of the Trap-Alert™ solution contributing to the shared missions of New Frequency and Safeguard Products as leaders in humane and efficient wildlife management monitoring solutions.

"In today's competitive and high cost business environment, wildlife management companies are looking for ways to reduce costs, improve profitability and be more customer friendly," said Todd Moran, New Frequency CEO. "We are pleased to partner with Safeguard Products in this marketing arrangement and offer our Trap‑Alert™ solution to Safeguard's valued distributors. Since 1982, wildlife control specialists have put their trust in Safeguard's live animal traps as the traps of choice throughout the pest control industry," he further added.

About Safeguard Products

Safeguard Products is the industry's leading manufacturer of live traps that are designed for use in the control of nuisance wildlife. Safeguard traps are sold through a network of the industry's premier distributors in the pest control and wildlife control markets. Safeguard traps are proudly made in the USA, at their 125,000 sq. ft. plant in New Holland, PA.

About New Frequency

NewFrequency, founded in 2008 and headquartered in Cumming, GA, is a developer of software, devices, and complete systems that collect data in real time from remote assets and aggregate such data into useable and actionable information accessible over the web. NewFrequency's expertise and systems include telemetry data monitoring and management tools, high availability hosting, large data storage, custom reporting and alarming, and web-based software-as-a-service. NewFrequency's web-based solutions are used in monitoring and managing power, water, gas, and steam as well as equipment status, including location, operation, doors and hatches. Their systems can be employed in gathering and managing nearly any measurement of any asset.For more information, visit

Contact:Todd Moran, Managing Partner

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