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New Frequency Rolls Out Version 4.0 of the Trap‑Alert™ System

Cumming, GA, September 6, 2011

New Frequency, Inc., a developer and operator of electronics and web-enabled real time data collection, monitoring and management solutions, today announced that Version 4.0 of their Trap‑Alert™ device is now available for purchase through their distributor, Wildlife Control Supplies (WCS). Version 4.0 of the Trap‑Alert™ device is the culmination of 3 years of product development with significant input from prominent wildlife control operators.

The Trap‑Alert™ Version 4.0 device adds many sought after features to an already indispensible tool for the wildlife control industry, which requires reliable real time status information from many remote locations at once. A weatherproof enclosure is now a standard offering, including a new UV A/B resistant case that will not crack or breakdown under extreme exposure to sunlight as well as rubber gaskets that keep moisture out. Enhanced GPS signaling allows for greater accuracy in locating equipment, even in areas previously prone to blocking GPS signaling, such as indoors. With the Trap‑Alert™ system, multiple traps can be monitored at one location with a single Trap‑Alert™ device, which not only signals whenever a trap is activated or closed but also checks in on a regular schedule with updated battery status, signal strength, and physical trap status. Coupled with the best online routing and dispatch software in the industry, the complete Trap‑Alert™ system keeps wildlife control specialists in touch and informed about their customers at all times.

Here is what wildlife control operators have to say about the Trap‑Alert™ system:

"Use of the Trap‑Alert™ system has also resulted in increased customer satisfaction, with most customers willing to pay a premium for the electronic trap monitoring service." Michael Tucker, NWCOA Director and owner operator of Wildlife Removal Services in Minnesota

"If you are looking to stand out from the crowd, offer top notch service, increase your bottom line and track what's going on with your jobs - the Trap‑Alert™ system cannot be beat. I easily monitor four traps on a single job with a single unit! I receive a message when the trap is reset, letting me know as well as the customer (if you include them by email address) that the animal was removed. I have increased my service area and feel comfortable that I could even trap remote locations knowing that the trap has been checked. Again, if you are looking to offer top notch service beyond anything your competitor can - you need the Trap‑Alert™ system!" Charles Parker, NWCOA Secretary and owner operator of Parker Wildlife in Louisiana

"Today, February 24, 2011, we had to go to another client, located 27 miles from us and check our equipment. This second home, does not have the Trap‑Alert™ system on it. We have, in a single day, already learned our lesson. All of our equipment will soon have the Trap‑Alert™ system incorporated on it. Why you ask? Because once we figured mileage and time . . . this single round trip cost our company $25 in gas and $150 in time. That's right . . . a single equipment check, with nothing caught, costs our company $175. Two non-productive days like this will cover the costs of a single Trap‑Alert™ system that can monitor multiple equipment settings." Reginald Murray, owner operator of Oklahoma Wildlife Control

Murray also stated, "This is a serious business that we find ourselves in, and it gets more serious and more competitive each day. To stay ahead of the competition and control our costs, we need to stay on the cutting edge with technology like the Trap‑Alert™ system so that we are not losing money and we are not inconveniencing our clients by just 'showing up'."

To find which Trap‑Alert™ kit meets your current needs, please contact Wildlife Control Supplies at their online store or by phone at 860‑844‑0101.

About New Frequency

NewFrequency, founded in 2008 and headquartered in Cumming, GA, is a developer of software, devices, and complete systems that collect data in real time from remote assets and aggregate such data into useable and actionable information accessible over the web. NewFrequency's expertise and systems include telemetry data monitoring and management tools, high availability hosting, large data storage, custom reporting and alarming, and web-based software-as-a-service. NewFrequency's web-based solutions are used in monitoring and managing power, water, gas, and steam as well as equipment status, including location, operation, doors and hatches. Their systems can be employed in gathering and managing nearly any measurement of any asset.For more information, visit

Contact:Todd Moran, Managing Partner

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