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New Frequency Rolls out Trap-Alert™ Mobile to Rave Reviews

Cumming, GA, July 11, 2012

Cumming, GA, July 11, 2012 - New Frequency, Inc., is releasing its game changing Trap-Alert™ mobile site for the wildlife and pest control industry. The Trap-Alert™ system is a combination of hardware, software, GPS and wireless technologies that enables wildlife and pest control professionals to actively monitor the status and location of animal traps through a web-based application and now a mobile application. Trap-Alert™ mobile now allows users the flexibility to manage their Trap-Alert™ units through an easy to use management tool that provides contact management, job information and routing using Geo Location services to and from a current location to Trap-Alert™ job sites. The mobile version of the Trap-Alert™ system is designed specifically for Smartphone and Tablet PC use, giving Trap-Alert™ prospects and customers streamlined access to all of the great features found on the main web application. The Trap-Alert™ mobile application is the latest release to the Trap-Alert™ system and is now available for all.

"The need for mobile applications has increased significantly in the wildlife and pest control industry, and our users' experience with the Trap-Alert™ system has already demonstrated that access to real-time data ensures the highest levels of efficiency and effectiveness. This positively impacts both revenue and profit for wildlife and pest control companies and mobile applications are no longer a nice to have in this business sector but a must have," said Todd Moran, New Frequency CEO. "This is just the beginning of our partnership with this thriving industry. We will continue to produce new tools for our users insuring they continue to reap the benefits of this ground breaking technology", Moran added.

"The smaller businesses and field technicians are the ones who benefit the most from the Trap-Alert™ mobile application because they are rarely at their desks, so providing Trap-Alert™ anytime and anyplace via Smartphones further increases the business and time management value of the Trap-Alert™ system,'" said Michael Tucker , Owner and Operator of Wildlife Removal Services . Tucker further noted, "These tools developed by New Frequency surpass all others on the market by going above and beyond simply notifying a technician of a trap closure, because they allow us to manage our entire trapping operation while on the go." Michael Ogden of Dengo Wildlife in Boise Idaho noted, "The Trap-Alert™ System provides near instantaneous notification of a captured animals and this allows me to offer a distinct humane solution to companies who seek this type of rapid response".

For more information on The Trap-Alert™ mobile site or to simply learn more about the Trap-Alert™ system go to:

About New Frequency

New Frequency, founded in 2008 and headquartered in Cumming, GA, is a developer of software, devices, and complete systems that collect data in real-time from remote assets, and aggregate data into useable and actionable information for better decision making, and accessible over the web. New Frequency's expertise and systems include telemetry data monitoring and management tools, high availability hosting, large data storage, custom reporting and alerting/notifications, and web-based software-as-a-service. New Frequency's web-based solutions are also used in monitoring and managing power, water, gas, and steam as well as equipment status, including location, operation, doors and hatches. Our systems can be employed in gathering and managing nearly any measurement of any asset. For more information, visit

Contact:Todd Moran, Managing Partner

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