Vikki Rowe
Tri-State Wildlife Management (Kentucky)

The Trap-Alert™ system is more than a fuel and time saver, it is a business advantage tool. It simply allows me to attract more business and compete and win jobs that I couldn't have done in the past. You will simply be amazed on how many wasted trips and wasted hours you spend doing trap checks. Knowing immediately when you catch something allows for faster job completion, the best experience for the customer, and creates efficiencies that didn't exist before using Trap-Alert™. I recommend this system to anyone in the nuisance wildlife industry; the Trap-Alert™ system works, and it works in ways we never imagined when we purchased the units.

Michael Ogden, CWCP
Dengo Wildlife Control (Idaho)

The Trap-Alert™ Remote Monitoring System has been valuable in my business. We work with a Conservation Organization being plagued by raccoons. As with all our accounts, it's important to provide humane, responsible services. The Trap-Alert™ System provides near instantaneous notification of a captured animal. This enables us to remove the animal from the trap site much earlier than normal, thereby preventing heat stress. This is particularly important for Organizations wishing to hire only Vendors able to provide services that dovetail with their mission.

Jeff Davis
Nukingstreet Pest Control (Connecticut)

The first time we used the product was for a raccoon job where it took six days for the raccoon to return to the property and make an attempt to go into the open soffits. The job was 43 miles from our office: one way. Trap-Alert™ saved us from traveling 430 miles to do state required trap checks! We almost paid for one unit with the money saved and earned on the first job! I will be purchasing more units as it will allow me to service more clients without having to hire more employees to just run around and do traps checks! On top of all of that, New Frequency has exceptional customer service!

Kevin Cornwell, CWCP,ACP
Cornwell's Wildlife Control,LLC (Virginia)

The New Frequency Trap-Alert™ system has changed our business! Our sales closure rate is dramatically higher when we mention an electronic trap monitoring option. It eliminates the hassle of daily visual trap checks, cutting down on wasteful windshield time. Our job completion time has gone from days to, in some cases, just hours. Imagine starting a squirrel family removal job at 9 or 10AM and then getting an email on the IPhone while you're eating lunch, telling you the job is complete. We did it 11 times last month. Additionally, we saved an apartment complex owner $780 in daily trap check fees while trapping at five of his buildings, even after charging for the use of those five monitoring systems. That savings made him a "forever" customer and freed up time for us, enabling us to start other more profitable jobs. New Frequency's tech support is superb — better than for any other electronic product I've ever owned. At first I was a skeptic, but now I'm a firm believer that Trap-Alert™ makes us more money than it costs to own and maintain.

Tom Pulliam
SLC Operations Manager Sprague Pest Solutions (Utah)

We recently purchased a Trap-Alert™ unit and I have to say that the customer service that I have received from Trap-Alert™ has been the best experience I have ever had. I would highly recommend this unit to any person doing wildlife control I believe it to be a sound investment that will pay for itself many times over.

John Abel
Chief Inspector, Superior Wildlife Control (Virginia)

I wanted to thank you for becoming one of the first users of the Trap Alert™ system. We have had a great experience dealing with the system and the staff from New Frequency. The Trap Alert™ system website, along with the Trap Alert™ units, is convenient and easy to use. Your product has saved us a tremendous amount of time and freed up our employees to take on additional work by eliminating daily trips to our customers' homes. Thanks for creating this product!

Michael Tucker
Wildlife Removal Services (Minnesota)

After using the Trap Alert™ system I can plan my daily routes more efficiently knowing ahead of time that I have animals to pickup at specific locations.

The Trap Alert™ units notified me when I had to be there and when I did not, saving not only time and mileage, but the additional ladder work that would have been required on non-catch days to comply with daily trap check laws. Use of the Trap Alert™ system has also resulted in increased customer satisfaction, with most customers willing to pay a premium for the electronic trap monitoring service. The Trap Alert™ system saves me money, makes me money and gives me more time.

Thanks for a great product!

Charles Parker
Owner and Operator, Parker Wildlife Control (Louisiana)
NWCOA Secretary

I have been using the Trap Alert™ system for over a year now, and frankly I do not know how I did it before! I have been able to knock off early a couple of days because I did NOT need to check my traps - they had already reported in today. One of the most important things that the Trap Alert™ units have done for me is simply the fact that I am now studying my actual costs of trapping. The bottom line though is job cost tracking - how much time do I spend driving? How much gas am I burning? How long am I on each job? For me, using the Trap Alert™ units has opened my eyes to how much I have saved in gas and time on every job and how much I spend.If you are looking to stand out from the crowd, you need the Trap Alert™ system!

Gary Parks
Backwoods Wildlife Control Texas & Oklahoma

The Trap-Alert™ system is by far the best trap monitoring system I have found. It saves me time, mileage, headaches and bottom line money. It has set my company apart from all others. I consider the Trap-Alert™ System a necessity for the modern day Nuisance Wildlife Control Professional.